Protective Posture Gear

Clothing, masks, and other devices worn by military personnel to protect against chemical or biologic weapons
Adverse effects Dyspnea (33%), anxiety (20%), leading to panic and removal of masks, auditory hallucinations, and other symptoms
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Many leaders are unaware that Soldiers are affected by threat factors that are less overt than a sarin gas attack or nerve agent contamination and that CBRN training does not always include mission-oriented protective posture gear and decontamination lines.
E[acute accent]Currently, the Army equips soldiers at risk for exposure to chemical warfare agents (CWAs) with Mission Oriented Protective Posture gear, including suits, masks, gloves, and boots.
In addition, after clearing the contaminated target building, CRT 3 assisted the infantry in decontaminating a casualty and performing a mission-oriented protective posture gear exchange.
The standard scrub brushes, 6-mil bags, and mission-oriented protective posture gear of a decontamination platoon are replaced with a Joint Nuclear Biological Chemical Reconnaissance System II--a self-sufficient container express containing CBRN detection, sampling, and personal protection equipment, including expendable parts (which must be resupplied)--during the transition to an R&S platoon.
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