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1. affording protection.
2. an agent that provides defense against harmful influences; called also screen.


/pro·tec·tant/ (pro-tek´tant) protective.

protectant, protective

1. affording defense or immunity.
2. an agent affording defense against harmful influence.

intestinal protectant
a preparation that given orally provides a protective coating for the intestinal mucosa, and absorbs bacteria and toxins. Kaolin, pectin and activated charcoal are commonly used for this purpose.
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RT: Gaucho insecticide has been sold as a seed-applied crop protectant for cotton and grain sorghum since 1995.
In a July 7 petition directed to the Skin Protectant Final Monograph published June 4, the CTFA requested that FDA reinstate two claims--"helps prevent" and "chafed"--that were permitted under the Tentative Final Monograph (proposed rule) published in 1982.
The role of Ergothioneine as an antioxidant and cellular protectant has been well documented in peer-reviewed journals.
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Ciba's Home & Personal Care business offers a wide variety of products including detergent whiteners, antimicrobials, fabric and hard surface protection and enhancement, rheology modifiers, conditioners, carrier systems, ingredient protectants, colors and color enhancers.
In the future, OXIS plans on exploring alternative formulations that will allow patients to utilize ergothioneine in products designed for a variety of diseases, including dermal protectants in sunscreens and protective cosmetics, and topical ophthalmic preparations to replenish the loss of antioxidants experienced during cataract development.
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It would expand the company's existing capabilities in the growing market for skin-care materials used in such applications as anti-wrinkle creams, sun protectants, moisturizers and materials that improve the overall complexion of the skin.
This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Automotive Chemicals in US$ Million by the following Product Segments: Waxes/Polishes, Protectants, Wheel and Tire Cleaners, and Windshield Washer Fluids.
V Protectants act as antioxidants, blocking oxidant-generated inflammation without undermining the body's ability to draw white blood cells to the site to protect itself against infection.
They currently offer an array of products that range from highly efficient skin protectants and topical analgesics to a complete line of facial cleansers and rejuvenators.