Child Prostitution

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The performance of sexual work by a person considered to be a child in a particular jurisdiction
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the prostitution of children in the United States).
District Judge Anna Brown rebuffed a request by Spriggs' attorney to impose the mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years, calling the prostitution of children "extraordinarily serious.
Many of the short chapters end with a bulleted list of factoids about topics ranging from corruption and prostitution of children to pedophiles and HIV/AIDS.
ending the prostitution of children, (77) was to be funded in part by a
The prostitution of children is known to exist in Barbados; a high risk group is Barbadian and immigrant children engaging in transactional sex with older men for material goods.
THE DOMESTIC PROSTITUTION of children has become a high profile subject in the media, in state legislatures and among advocacy groups.
He told a London conference on the child sex trade in the Far East: "Commercial sexual exploitation and prostitution of children is unacceptable.
Vitit Muntarbhorn, a Thai law professor, reported recently to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights that fear of AIDS is contributing to the global growth in the sale and prostitution of children.
Few convicted trafficking offenders served jail time, however, and authorities did not vigorously investigate or prosecute internal sex trafficking crimes, including the prostitution of children.
119, [section] 51A, mandated reporters are required to report all suspected child abuse, including instances of suspected prostitution of children.
In comparison, Chilean authorities achieved 34 convictions during the previous year, eight for promoting or facilitating prostitution of children, and 26 for cross-border sex trafficking.