Alprostadil, see there.
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1] analogue uterine stimulant that is currently commercially available in obstetrics and gynaecology; all other prostaglandin preparations, commercially known as Prostin, Prandin, Prepidil, and by many other names, are prostaglandin [E.
Group B comprised of 30 patients and received Prostin E2 vaginal tablet (3mg) maximum of two doses.
Both Pfizer's Prostin (PGE) and Cook Medical's Cervical Ripening Balloon (CRB) are licensed for IOL.
WZF , Lignocainum Jelfa, Lorinden A MEGALI, Memotropil 20%, Moviprep, Norcuron, NovoSeven, Nystatin, Pabal, Polstigminum, Prostin VR - 866 items in Part 1;
Other items include a vial of the drug Prostin which was used to keep babies alive until they were old enough for surgery and a T-shirt signed by members of the Young Person's Advisory Group.
The court heard Evan's mother was overdue when she was admitted to Sligo General Hospital and was given a dose of two milligrams of the drug Prostin E2 to induce birth.
Surprises of off-label drug use--where had all the Prostin gone?
When first line therapy fails, the patient may use intracavernous injections of alprostadil (Caverject [R] or Prostin VR [R]).
I consulted with several colleagues who suggested several options ranging from the old "bomb" (20-mg Prostin suppository) to more oxytocin to laparotomy (hysterotomy).
As shown more recently, trypsin (10) and prostin (11) may activate proPSA in vitro, as well.
Activation of prostate-specific antigen precursor (pro-PSA) by prostin, a novel human prostatic serine protease identified by degenerate PCR.