Alprostadil, see there.
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WZF , Lignocainum Jelfa, Lorinden A MEGALI, Memotropil 20%, Moviprep, Norcuron, NovoSeven, Nystatin, Pabal, Polstigminum, Prostin VR - 866 items in Part 1;
Protocol for IOL at Lower Umfolozi District War Memorial Hospital, KwaZulu-Natal <29/40 weeks 29-36/40 weeks Intrauterine death Misoprostol 100 Misoprostol 50 [micro]g PV [micro]g PV 12-hourly 12-hourly Primigravida Misoprostol 100 Misoprostol 50 [micro]g PV [micro]g PV 12-hourly 6-hourly Multigravida, para 1-4 Misoprostol 50 Misoprostol 50 [micro]g PV [micro]g PV 12-hourly 12-hourly Multigravida, para >4 Oral misoprostol * Oral misoprostol Previous CS Consult specialist 36+/40 weeks Unripe cervix Ripe cervix Intrauterine death Misoprostol 50 Prostin [E.
Other items include a vial of the drug Prostin which was used to keep babies alive until they were old enough for surgery and a T-shirt signed by members of the Young Person's Advisory Group.
The court heard Evan's mother was overdue when she was admitted to Sligo General Hospital and was given a dose of two milligrams of the drug Prostin E2 to induce birth.
Surprises of off-label drug use--where had all the Prostin gone?
When first line therapy fails, the patient may use intracavernous injections of alprostadil (Caverject [R] or Prostin VR [R]).
I consulted with several colleagues who suggested several options ranging from the old "bomb" (20-mg Prostin suppository) to more oxytocin to laparotomy (hysterotomy).
As shown more recently, trypsin (10) and prostin (11) may activate proPSA in vitro, as well.
Activation of prostate-specific antigen precursor (pro-PSA) by prostin, a novel human prostatic serine protease identified by degenerate PCR.
The remaining 13 percent had vaginal prostin inserted for post-maturity.
An example is dinoprostone, marketed in South Africa as Prostin E2 by Pfizer South Africa (but curiously not listed on their website).