Capromab pendetide, see there.
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There, too, the trooper is a frequent visitor, filling the doorway with his athletic figure and, from his superfluity of life and strength, seeming to shed down temporary vigour upon Jo, who never fails to speak more robustly in answer to his cheerful words.
There was that hint of unhealth about him that Daylight invariably sensed in his presence, while Dede, on the contrary, seemed always so robustly wholesome, radiating an atmosphere compounded of the sun and wind and dust of the open road.
It was too early for the crowd, but bricklayers and their families, laden with huge lunch-baskets and armfuls of babies, were already going in--a healthy, husky race of workmen, well-paid and robustly fed.
In the US, the company currently markets Natesto nasal formulation of testosterone for men with hypogonadism, and ProstaScint (capromab pendetide) imaging agent specific to prostate specific membrane antigen for prostate cancer detection and staging.
Healthcare company Aytu BioScience (RSWN) revealed on Tuesday the launch of an agreement to acquire the rights to ProstaScint from Jazz Pharmaceuticals (NasdaqGS:JAZZ).
OTC: RSWN) has entered into an agreement with Jazz Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: JAZZ) to acquire Jazz Pharmaceuticals' rights to ProstaScint, an imaging agent used to detect the extent and spread of prostate cancer that is marketed in the US, the company said.
111]indium-labeled monoclonal antibody Prostascint to PSMA to differentiate soft tissue metastases from bone metastases, he said.
Findings of clinical studies of Prostascint have shown that the antibody scan detects soft tissue metastases more accurately than MRI or CT, but it does not detect bone metastases very well.
Bard, alleging that use of their ProstaScint product infringed United States Patent 4,460,559, which claims a method for detecting and localizing tumors.
Called ProstaScint, this MAB-radioisotope conjugate seeks and binds to PSMA molecules located on the surfaces of primary and metastatic prostate cancers.
ProstaScint Scan -- This test uses an isotope of Iridium 111 to detect the growth of prosate cancer cells outside the prostate, locally to the prostate, and throughout the body.
Currently marketed products include ProstaScint (a monoclonal antibody- based imaging agent used to image the extent and spread of prostate cancer); BrachySeed I-125 and Pd-103 (two uniquely designed, next- generation radioactive seed implants for the treatment of localized prostate cancer); and Quadramet (a skeletal targeting therapeutic radiopharmaceutical marketed for the relief of bone pain in prostate and other types of cancer).