propylene glycol

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propylene glycol

 [pro´pĭ-lēn gli´kol]
a clear viscous liquid used as a moistening agent and solvent in pharmaceutical preparations.

pro·py·lene gly·col

a solvent for several water-insoluble drugs intended for parenteral administration; an ingredient of hydrophilic ointment; a viscous organic solvent frequently used in pharmaceutical preparations to dissolve drug substances with limited aqueous solubility; used in part for preparing injectable solutions of diazepam, phenytoin, pentobarbital, and other drugs.

propylene glycol (CH3CHOHCH2OH)

a colorless viscous liquid used as a solvent in the preparation of certain medications. It also inhibits the growth of fungi and microorganisms and is used commercially as an antifreeze.

prop·y·lene gly·col

(prōpi-lēn glīkol)
Solvent for several water-insoluble drugs intended for parenteral administration; used in part to prepare injectable solutions of diazepam, phenytoin, and drugs.

propylene glycol

emollient (mixed 50:50 with water) used to reduce skin scaling and fissuring in psoriasis

propylene glycol

a chemical used industrially as an antifreeze, solvent stabilizer, as a preservative in liquid livestock feeds and pharmaceutically as a vehicle or solvent for medicinal preparations. It is used extensively in food animal medicine as an oral medicament to boost the blood glucose level, e.g. in bovine acetonemia. Doses that are innocuous to cows can cause ataxia, depression and death in horses. Called also propanediol.
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