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Propionic acid market comprises some major chemical manufacturing firms and is moderately consolidated.
The effectiveness of the organic acids used in this study generally increase in effectiveness in the order of propionic acid <sorbic acid < benzoic acid.
Only a markedly increased concentration of C3-AC triggers immediate second-tier testing to clarify the possibility of propionic acidemia or severe MMA (Fig.
Several fatty acid formulations and propionic acid inhibited mold test fungi.
In order to estimate the interference of propionic acid in the spot agar assay, well diffusion assay was used to determine the effect of propionic solution (5% propionic acid) on the growth of several microorganisms.
In mid-July, Perstorp declared force majeure on a number of products including propionic acid at its Stenungsund site due to a production stoppage at its raw material supplier also based in Stenungsund.
During the second step, the propionic acid was fed periodically by varying the concentrations from 1 g/L and 2 g/L up to 6 g/L and it was the only carbon source added as a precursor of the 3HV units of the copolymer.
Comparison of butyric acid, ethanol, lactic acid, and propionic acid as hydrogen donors for the reductive dechlorination of tetrachloroethene.
Fernandez says hay that has conditioners such as propionic acid or calcium carbonate is okay for horses, and those materials prevent mold.
One in every 50,000 children is born with propionic acidemia (PA), a genetic disorder that disrupts the metabolism of branched-chain amino acids.
Melissa Stagni age 14, has Propionic Acidemia, a metabolic disorder which is included in expanded newborn screening in several states.
Mikael Johannesson, one of only two Scots kids with propionic acideamia, astounded doctors, who predicted he would die years ago, by walking through the gates of a mainstream school.