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n the rightful ownership; the exclusive right to a thing.
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Securing property rights through titling and formalisation of land tenure concentrates power with officials who maintain and update land records.
Without property rights, individuals would in fact be helpless to make decisions and control their own fate.
Property Rights Alliance (PRA) stands as an advocacy organization dedicated to the protection of physical and intellectual property rights.
Property rights to speculation are placed on an equal footing with property rights to tilled land and a home of one's own.
Commission on Intellectual Property Rights, "Integrating Intellectual Property Rights and Development Policy," London (2002).
Trade is another channel though which secure property rights contribute to economic development.
Defenders of Property Rights has been urging the Brazilian government for nearly a year not to take the dangerous, precedent-setting move of seizing patents on three United States AIDS drugs.
The book consists of eleven chapters: 1, an entertaining introduction; 2, the framework used to analyze property-rights arrangements; 3, Native Americans' property rights prior to the arrival of Europeans; 4, the U.
Chafuen present an ethical case for property rights by tracing its history within a cultural and religious context (chap.
Those results have provoked interest in the use of tradable property rights known in fisheries as individual transferable quotas (IWQs)--to regulate marine resources.
What explains the expansion of Russian noblewomen's property rights in the 18th century?
The purpose of this RFA is to encourage the study of the role of laws and policies regarding intellectual property rights to genetics and genomics research and development, and the effect of such laws and policies on progress in these fields and on commercialization, drug development, health care delivery, and the public health.

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