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n the rightful ownership; the exclusive right to a thing.
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This paper aims to highlight the importance of most imperative and serious concern of intellectual property rights in academic world of Pakistan.
Though, sustainable natural resource management (NRM) can contribute to poverty reduction, other aspects must also be considered, including the distribution of property rights between and within communities and households and the level of collective action so as to get a better understanding of the issues related to poverty reduction.
Over 25 years ago, Murray Rothbard noted that, "For not only are there no human rights which are not also property rights, but the former rights lose their absoluteness and clarity and become fuzzy and vulnerable when property rights are not used as the standard" (Rothbard, 1982, p.
Likewise, from now on, when transferring ownership of intellectual property rights to a private entity, the license agreement must include clauses enabling public entities to recover some of the added value obtained: (i) in the case of successive transmissions of the intellectual property rights, or (ii) where by the time of valuation, because of disregard of certain circumstances, the right was transferred at a lower value than it would have been if the disregarded circumstances had been taken into account.
As the first federal marine fisheries to implement tradable property rights, they remain of central interest in assessing the relative merits of both regulatory regimes in fisheries.
Without a sales agreement that transfers rights to the employer, a question arises as to how a provision in an employment or noncompete agreement could convert clients or customers to a property right of the corporation--if the right legally belongs to the employee.
Two groups have emerged in the African elephant debate: the ivory ban group and the property rights group.
However, this premier domestic brand now encounters an infringement, and the ChianJoy Organizing Committee makes the following statements as a token of the determination of the organizer and the government authorities to protect intelligence property right and tackle the infringement incident.
The Council of Ministers will soon consider a strategy aimed at strengthening the system of combating infringement of intellectual property rights, import of counterfeit goods, strengthening market control and inspections,' emphasized Minister A aroviA, stressing that the strengthening of intellectual property rights is very important for the development of the economy, foreign investments and competitiveness of BiH economy.
Ms Moleketi was speaking in Nairobi during the launch of a Women in Parliament (WIP) Council on property rights.
Enhanced ability for women to exercise their property rights in practice; and
Intellectual property rights involve rights to protect trademarks, patents, copyrights, industrial designs, plant breeders rights, traditional knowledge and folklore.

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