hepatic artery proper

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he·pa·tic ar·ter·y prop·er

origin, common hepatic; branches, right and left hepatic.
Synonym(s): arteria hepatica propria [TA]

he·pat·ic ar·te·ry prop·er

(hĕ-pat'ik ahr'tĕr-ē prop'ĕr) [TA]
Origin, common hepatic; branches, right and left hepatic.
Synonym(s): arteria hepatica propria.
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Proper hepatic artery divides into right and left branches at the porta hepatis before they run into the parenchyma of the liver.
Proper hepatic artery passes anterior to portal vein as it ascends to the epiploic foramen and at porta hepatis branches to right and left.
Although we tried to advance the catheter to the proper hepatic artery, it would not cross because of the vessel's tortuous anatomy.
Diagnostic angiography performed using a 5 Fr modified spiral-shaped catheter (Gridecath, Terumo, Tokyo, Japan) revealed stenosis at the origin of the celiac artery, and collateral blood flow from the superior mesenteric artery to the proper hepatic artery via dilated arterial arcades around the pancreas head.
In these 49 patients, three types of arterial supply to the extrahepatic bile duct were observed: the gastroduodenal artery predominantly (Type I), the gastroduodenal artery and the proper hepatic artery equally (Type II), and the proper hepatic artery predominantly (Type III).
Color Doppler sonography of the common and proper hepatic artery and the portal vein was performed to evaluate the possibility of the luminal invasion of a cholangiocarcinoma or adenocarcinoma of the pancreas as differential diagnoses, which revealed reduced blood flow of the common hepatic artery and proper hepatic artery without any intraluminal lesion.
Trace the right gastric artery to the proper hepatic artery; expose the proper hepatic artery and its branches to the porta hepatis.
The other origins include the left hepatic artery, the proper hepatic artery, the common hepatic artery, the gastroduodenal artery, the superior pancreaticduodenal artery and the superior mesenteric artery (Williams et al.
For instance, it's long been dogma that use of anabolic steroids interferes with proper hepatic (liver) function and causes thickening of the heart muscle.
We have to have physical stress to attain, retain, and maintain cardiorespiratory functionality, which is necessary for proper hepatic, renal, and viscerosomatic homeostasis and growth.
Right gastric artery was traced to the proper hepatic artery and vein to porta hepatis.