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Transparent colorless methyl 3-(1-imidazolyl) propanoate was obtained.
Gene ontology categories with a high percentage of genes more highly expressed in liver than mammary tissues included carbohydrate metabolism (glycolysis, glucoenogenesis, propanoate metabolism, butanoate metabolism, electron carrier and donor activity), lipid metabolism (fatty acid oxidation, chylomicron/lipid transport, bile acid metabolism, cholesterol metabolism, steroid metabolism, ketone body formation), amino acid/nitrogen metabolism (amino acid biosynthetic process, amino acid catabolic process, urea cycle, and glutathione metabolic process), cytochrome p450, heme binding, response to xenobiotic stimulus, and blood coagulation.
2E)-3-(3-Methoxy-4-O-propanoylphenyl)prop-2-en- 1-yl propanoate (3)