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Referring to studies that provide an introduction to science; preparatory instruction
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Can communication theory offer a different starting point for a contemporary propaedeutic to theology?
In this example, primarily for propaedeutic reasons, Fergie's performance is problematised.
In fact they were rather like us: academics, educated at university, where they had received a rigorous training in logic in their propaedeutic years.
The work succeeds in its aim, but it must be realized that its aim is to be a propaedeutic.
What they do not see is that the Communist Party exercises a strict control over culture which, since the Yenan Forum on Literature and Art in 1942 (when foundations were laid for the socialist conversion of China by cultural revolution), is viewed as propaedeutic economics above all else.
From the evangelical perspective, the purpose of dialogue can only be as a propaedeutic to evangelism: anything beyond that will lead to the quagmire of syncretism.
This is well and definitively said, and constitutes a sort of propaedeutic preparation for the abysses into which the Cantos's aestheticism, unsupported by an adult moral sense, falls.
In such a situation one at best sets about, like Coleridge, hopefully compiling fragments and propaedeutic declarations for an ever more distant encyclopedia of the whole.
As he wrote to Nietzsche in 1874: `I have never taught history for the sake of what goes under the high-falutin' name of `world history', but essentially as a propaedeutic (i.
The author shows his fine propaedeutic training in philosophy, though he does not always appear to know just how much antiquity lies behind his ideas.
What is meant by emergent relational responding is the establishment of baseline stimulus-stimulus relations that are propaedeutic to the subsequent demonstration of untrained stimulus-stimulus relations (Hayes, 1991).
What we call "paganism" was a preparation or propaedeutic for the gospel.