pronator quadratus muscle

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pro·na·tor quad·ra·tus mus·cle

(prō-nā'tōr kwa-drat'ŭs mŭs'ĕl)
Origin, distal fourth of anterior surface of ulna; insertion, distal fourth of anterior surface of radius; action, pronates forearm; nerve supply, anterior interosseous.
Synonym(s): musculus pronator quadratus [TA] .
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Pronator quadratus muscle was used at the time of closure, to cover, in part, the implants that were applied to the anterior surface of the radius.
The pronator quadratus muscle is raised from lateral border of the radius and lie in a horizontal position carefully.
9] Symptoms can occur from direct compression, edema of the tenosynovium, swollen pronator quadratus muscle, hematoma in the carpal canal or, rarely, from bony fractured edges.