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Porfiromycin Oncology An orphan drug used to manage hypoxic CA cells, which are less susceptible to RT than other tumor cells. See Orphan drug, Radiation therapy.
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The campaign, set to kick off May 21, picks up from the season three finale, wherein a lead character, Jordan Collier (played by Once and Again star, Billy Campbell) distributes Promicin, a substance that either kills you or gives the user a superhuman ability.
In season four -- much to the chagrin of NTAC (National Threat Assessment Command), the government agency enlisted to monitor 'the 4400' -- 4400-like abilities become available to the general public through Promicin, but not without potentially deadly repercussions.
It's got this wonderfully deep mythology yet, with the introduction of Promicin, it's got this great hook for simplifying the concept of people gaining these extra-human abilities.