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During the proliferative phase (7-14 days after initial insult), deterioration of pulmonary cells and the alveolar capillary membrane progresses.
The proliferative phase comprises three sub-phases; the re-epithelialization portion, the neo-vascularization portion and the collagen deposition portion.
7% patients, followed by disordered proliferative and proliferative phase endometrium in 7% patients each.
These morphological changes are the basis of histological diagnosis and place the endometrium in various categories like secretory phase, proliferative phase, irregular maturation, disordered proliferative, discordance between glands and stroma, simple, complex or atypical hyperplasia and endometrial carcinoma.
Samples obtained during the proliferative phase may show signs of immature cells and disorganized blood vessels.
The pulmonary function test parameters of each subject were measured at menstrual phase (2nd day), proliferative phase (12th day), and secretory phase (22nd day) and compared statistically.
Its expression increased during the inflammatory phase and then peaked again in the proliferative phase just what the researchers were looking for.
Within the luminal epithelium, the expression of VEGF showed a trend of down regulation from the proliferative phase to late-secretory phase.
The first 6 months is the proliferative phase followed by a period of stabilization and finally progressive regression which is mostly completed before puberty.
It can be roughly divided into 3 phases on a continuum: (1) early or exudative phase, (2) proliferative phase, and (3) late or resolving phase.
The risk of contamination, development of exuberant granulation tissue and evolving scar in proliferative phase of repair may lead to fibrosis (Vincenzo et al.

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