profit sharing

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the amount by which income exceeds expenditure.

profit sharing
profit sharing between a professional and a lay person is illegal in most countries because it is considered to be improper for a nonveterinarian to have any authority over the quality and style of the work of a professional person.
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Latent Market--There are many business owners with 401(k) profit-sharing plans in place for whom the Qualified Combo Plan will be an attractive strategy.
However, if A instead provided that amounts payable from the MRA were available for distribution under the same terms as those held in the profit-sharing account (e.
Profit-sharing makes wages flexible because it automatically reduces labor costs under adverse market conditions such as low demand or high non-labor factor prices.
The profit-sharing program has made every employee feel as if he or she is an owner of Richmond Casting," said McBride.
The Simplified Employee Pension (SEP), sometimes called the SEP-IRA, is similar to a Keogh (the profit-sharing variety) but simpler to set up and administer--more, in fact, like an IRA.
Some corporations require that a minimum profit level be reached before contributions to the profit-sharing fund become due.
employees via a company-sponsored profit-sharing plan.
There has been limited empirical research to date on the impact of ESOPs and profit-sharing on employee pay.
Several of the studies revealed that the rate of employee participation has a significant effect on the success of a profit-sharing plan.
The average wage at Worthington, whereeveryone is on salary, is pegged at about 25 percent above the comparable geographic area manufacturing average; on top of that, a quarterly profit-sharing bonus (based upon a predetermined formula) usually amounts to 80 percent of the base wage.
This chapter is a significant contribution as it is the first attempt to formalise the concept of profit-sharing into an analytical model and, therefore, demands closer scrutiny.