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A small protein that binds to monomeric actin (thus becoming profilactin), preventing premature polymerization of actin. It also participates in the inhibition of one isoform of phospholipase C.
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Profilins are small proteins widely distributed in distantly related species.
Subjects sensitised only to cross-reacting plant profilins (Hev b 9) have a much reduced risk of clinical sensitivity.
The plant proteins involved in OAS and PFS have been shown to belong to plant protein families, including those of profilins, pathogenesis-related proteins (PRs), and lipid transfer proteins.
Cross-reactivities caused by defense-related proteins like plant profilins are responsible for the pollen-fruit syndrome and similarly the latex-fruit syndrome (Ganglberger, et al.
Plant profilins are responsible for a significant number of pollen-related allergies and are important pan-allergens.
papain-papaya, ficin-fig, Gly m 1 soybean); f) profilins (12-15 kd actin cytoskeleton-binding protein, Ara h 5 peanut, Gly m 3 soybean, Hev b 8 latex; g) peroxidases (induced by pathogens in plant defense); and h) lectins (agglutinins that bind specific sugars on glycoproteins: 31 kDa peanut).
3] Such cross-reactivity may occur in more than 50% of latex-allergic individuals, and is due to specific cross-reacting allergens such as profilins.