Professional Suicide

(1) Career suicide, job suicide The commission of an act or series of acts that compromises or diminishes one’s stature in one’s career, job or profession
(2) Job-related suicide
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UNITED have entered upon a daunting run of xtures hard enough without losing top gun Papiss Cisse through professional suicide.
He said: "Basically, I'd have been committing professional suicide.
He may be accused of being a neo-Marxist, rehashing outdated social models, and committing professional suicide in his attempt to criticise the reigning anti-socialist view of western intelligence, but his basic assumptions can not be dismissed that easily.
Committed professional suicide by senselessly slashing the ball towards goal to gift Chelsea a lead they never looked capable of earning
Professional suicide not being an option, I laughed when asked to answer this question on the record.
The lesson learned is that working within Deutsche Bank's corporate compliance and reporting system is an act of professional suicide.
ROBERTO MANCINI, MAN CITY, EX-EUROPE No wins from five Champions League games tells its own story, but to once again start with a system that was unfamiliar to his players in last Wednesday's must-win match, was tantamount to professional suicide.
It would surely have been professional suicide to launch the three year old Frankel at the Derby last year, especially given the way he had run and demolished the 2,000 Guineas field.
com/profile/1709098661) self-described as "committed to committing professional suicide by directing underground theater.
It was a cheap shot, professional suicide, like a bucket of cold water on Chisora's chances of winning," The Telegraph quoted Booth, as saying.
The cause of death will be diagnosed as professional suicide.
Although it was professional suicide, it opened up doors into a new and very strange life, doing everything from interviews with supermodels to playing cricket with members of the England team and cosying up to Britain's recently ousted Prime Minister Gordon Brown.
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