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the creation or bringing forth of something.
carbon dioxide production the amount of carbon dioxide produced by the tissues, measured as the amount of carbon dioxide given off by the lungs; normally 200 ml/min (or 3.0 ml/kg/min), but increased with increased metabolic rate.


Substance abuse The manufacture, planting, cultivation, growing, or harvesting of a controlled substance or marijuana


n the amount of work that can be accomplished in a specific length of time.


1. the act of producing.
2. the total of things produced.

animal production
production diseases
diseases caused by systems of management, especially feeding and the breeding of high-producing strains of animals and birds, in which production exceeds dietary and thermal input. Includes the group of diseases known in veterinary literature as 'metabolic diseases'. They differ from nutritional deficiencies in which it is the nutritional supply which falls short of normal production.
production efficiency
the efficiency of conversion of feedstuffs to animal product. The basis of the cost-efficiency of any animal production undertaking.
production function
the relationship between the input of a single variable and the output of the product.
production indices
specific indices such as live pigs produced per sow per year, intercalving interval, rate of gain of body weight per day in beef cattle, used as benchmarks of productivity.
production ketosis
ketosis (acetonemia) as a production disease, one which is produced by animal management; failure of the dietary input to satisfy the demands of the energy output in milk.
production losses
product which is produced but not harvested or sold, e.g. mastitic milk from cows with mastitis.
production medicine
see production diseases (above).
production program
a schedule of activities relating to feeding, breeding and health maintenance aimed at maximizing the profitability of an animal enterprise. Includes the establishment of targets of production in the areas of specific indices of productivity and the monitoring of production. The programs may be computerized so that the entry of data is simplified and analysis of the data automatic and regularly periodic. The establishment of programs and their maintenance by way of modification of practices and strategies to match changes of production efficiency require the participation of species specialists. See also management factors.

Patient discussion about production

Q. Is it safe for teenagers to use weight loss products? This isn't an ethical question, but quite literally asking if it is safe for a teenager to use weight loss solutions like weight loss milkshakes and other things of that nature. Thanks in advance!

A. From health point of view- there shouldn’t be a problem if those products are safe. But from an educational view- the minute you start relaying on weight loss products to loose weight for you- you become lazy. Then you’ll loose weight and gain it back with some extra. You need to start acquiring good habits while you are young- balanced nutrition and sports.

Q. i am diabetic :( what is the right diet for me? should i avoid sugar based products? what is the amount of sugar in the blood that consider to be normal ?

A. You may find it all here:

Q. are colon cleansing products safe and are they beneficial?

A. Unless you are having a problem with regularity I wouldn't fool around with cleansing products. Eat more fruits and vegetables and drink LOTS of water. Before I would do any colon cleansing I would add a product like metamucil or bran.

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In this study, the final and implicit form of the production function used for the steel plant is as below:
The estimates of production function parameters and inefficiency estimates are biased in the models without inefficiency bound if the bound is finite.
On the national level, the production function with electricity is E-GDP function as shown below:
By imposing constant returns to scale, the restricted Cobb-Douglas production function is
Then we prove that if a quasi-sum production function satisfies the constant elasticity of substitution property, then its graph has vanishing Gauss-Kronecker curvature (or its graph is a flat space) if and only if the production function is either a linearly homogeneous generalized ACMS function or a linearly homogeneous generalized Cobb-Douglas function.
The results of the OLS estimates of the Cobb-Douglas production function are in Table 3.
We assume a priori that aggregate production in Finland can be represented by the standard Cobb-Douglas production function with constant efficiency levels.
The economy-theoretical vision of the production function applied to education requires modifications, because in education one acts with human beings in contrast to the economy perspective, that uses other inputs.
Newer developments also consider to vary technical variables of the technology and to verify their effects to GUTENBERGS production function (Sonntag, 2004).
In an ambitious analysis, they embed a production function definition of potential output within a large-scale dynamic stochastic general equilibrium (DSGE) model and calibrate separate versions of the model to U.
Examples include considering raw materials (Stier and Bengston 1992) and constant elasticity of substitution production function with two factors of labor and capital (Monroney 1968; Greber and White 1982; Stier 1982, 1983).
The production function pre-supposes technical efficiency, whereby maximum output is obtained from a given level of inputs combination; hence it is a factor-product relationship.

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