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Behrens, The Road To Federal Product Liability Reform, 55 MD.
Before vetoing product liability reform, the President indicated support for placing caps on damages assessed against small businesses.
Despite these obstacles, broad support for a product liability reform bill is being generated by the business community and there are reasons for limited optimism.
In this study, we sketch out the standard product liability reform argument in some detail.
SPI and other supporters of product liability reform legislation may have their best chance in years of seeing meaningful reform.
The cost of litigation and insurance premiums, which affects us all, pushed product liability reform to new heights this year -- but not quite high enough.
Submitting unreasonable initial proposals has been a major impediment to supporters of many types of legislation, including those seeking federal product liability reform, which has many parallels to the changes we seek.
As a result, in the 1980s, more than 40 states enacted some form of product liability reform legislation.
The issue of product liability reform hardly garners a mention in the media, let alone the spotlight treatment it received in the ten years previous.
Allen's experience also includes 5 years as a press secretary and legislative analyst on Capitol Hill where he worked extensively on product liability reform, bankruptcy reform, internet taxation and biomedical research issues.
For nearly 30 years the business community has worked for product liability reform.
Despite the failures of past reform efforts, significant product liability reform is still possible.

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