saccus vaginalis

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sac·cus va·gi·na·'lis

an embryonic peritoneal fossa indicating the site where the processus vaginalis peritonei extends through the anterior abdominal wall during descent of the testis.
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10) This association is likely to be attributed to the embryological development of processus vaginalis and timing of the testicular descent.
In addition, the processus vaginalis, an evagination of the parietal peritoneum, elongates through the internal inguinal ring between the internal and external oblique muscles, creating a path for the descending testis to reach the scrotum.
Laparoscopic herniorrhaphy has several advantages over conventional open herniotomy; most of them related to the evaluation of possible contralateral patent processus vaginalis (PPV) and avoidance of trauma to the vas deferens and spermatic vessels.
Objective: To retrospectively asses the results of single scrotal incision orchidopexy (SSIO) performed at our centre with ligation of the patent processus vaginalis in children having palpable undescended testes (UDT).
1) The processus vaginalis peritonei (called canal of Nuck in the female) is a tubular fold of peritoneum that invaginates into the inguinal canal anterior to the gubernaculum and descending testis, forming the tunica vaginalis testis in male.
There is a cord which goes posteriorly below the processus vaginalis and connects with the ligamentum teres uteri.
Processus vaginalis is the diverticulum of the peritoneal cavity growing into the mesenchyme of the gubernaculum, inguinal canal and the scrotum.
14 An explanation of the migration of the peritoneal catheter is difficult but migration of the peritoneal catheter into the scrotum tends to occur in younger children because of the higher incidence of an unobliterated processus vaginalis and smaller volume of the peritoneal cavity in these patients.
Ectopic prostatic tissue has also been identified in other areas of the male genitourinary system, such as epididymis, (4,6) seminal vesicle, (6) processus vaginalis, (11) and testis.
They result when meconium migrates into the fetal scrotum via a patent processus vaginalis.
A patent processus vaginalis is the prime cause of indirect inguinal hernia, most commonly seen in infants.
A hydrocele is defined as an excess collection of fluid confined by the 2 layers of the processus vaginalis along the spermatic cord and most commonly surrounding the testis in adults.
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