saccus vaginalis

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sac·cus va·gi·na·'lis

an embryonic peritoneal fossa indicating the site where the processus vaginalis peritonei extends through the anterior abdominal wall during descent of the testis.
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1) The processus vaginalis peritonei (called canal of Nuck in the female) is a tubular fold of peritoneum that invaginates into the inguinal canal anterior to the gubernaculum and descending testis, forming the tunica vaginalis testis in male.
An imbalance of fluid secretion and absorption by the secretory membrane lining of processus vaginalis may result in enlargement of the cyst with associated tenderness.
Due to high association with indirect inguinal hernia, dissection to the internal inguinal ring and ligation of the neck of the processus vaginalis should be performed.
Meconium reaching the paratesticular soft tissue through a patent processus vaginalis causes a scrotal mass.
Passage of the meconium through the patent processus vaginalis may result in MPO and the mass-like lesion arises because of an inflammatory reaction from meconium within the scrotal sac.
Ectopic prostatic tissue has also been identified in other areas of the male genitourinary system, such as epididymis, (4,6) seminal vesicle, (6) processus vaginalis, (11) and testis.
They result when meconium migrates into the fetal scrotum via a patent processus vaginalis.
A patent processus vaginalis is the prime cause of indirect inguinal hernia, most commonly seen in infants.
The tunica vaginalis is a potential space formed from the processus vaginalis, an out-pouching of the fetal peritoneum that descends into the scrotum along with the testis.
Congenital hydrocele results from a patent processus vaginalis that allows ascites to enter the scrotal sac.
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