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problem solving

the process of recognizing a problem, defining it, identifying alternative plans to resolve the problem, selecting a plan, organizing steps of the plan, implementing the plan, and evaluating the outcome; a performance component of occupational therapy.

problem solving

Graduate education A strategy which confronts the student with a problem situation, and requires development and application of a plan to reach a solution


a question to which there is no obvious, immediate answer; a question that requires some work done on it before a solution can be available.

problem herds
herds which do not respond to the general control program for a particular disease and require special examination to elucidate the error and additional control measures to overcome it, e.g. a mastitis problem herd with a bacterially contaminated water supply.
problem knowledge coupler system
computer-assisted diagnosis system designed for use in human medicine; based on a special matching algorithm known as pattern recognition.
problem list
the list of problems to be overcome in a particular patient; in hospitals using a problem-oriented case management system.
problem name
a generally accepted, preferred name for a clinical sign, syndrome or other indicant such as a positive laboratory test, poor work or production performance or poor reproductive result.
problem-oriented case management
a system of managing patients based on the recognition of the patient's problems as targets for correction, planning the treatment program to achieve that, and assessing performance in terms of results with each of the problems and with the case overall. It is an excellent teaching procedure but is also helpful in maintaining the correct perspective in the patient's program.
problem-oriented diagnosis
a system of diagnosis that starts off with the cardinal sign presented by the patient and proceeds in steps to identify the body system involved, the part of the system affected, the nature of the lesion and the cause of the lesion.
problem-oriented medical record
see problem-oriented medical record.
problem solving
the basis of clinical veterinary (and most other) education; learning diagnosis by practicing resolving clinical problems—the essential problem being 'which disease is most likely to be the cause of the syndrome presented by this patient'.

Patient discussion about problem solving

Q. how can i solve my back and shoulder problems? also how can i get raid of my eye bugs?

A. krando,
many thanks i will try those tips you just give me...wish you a wonderful and safe and sound newly year...

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Given the static nature of analytical problems, the problem-solving process is fairly straightforward, with limited opportunity for updating the problem schema, such that mental effort is mainly invested in manipulating operations to change initial states toward some target state.
Problem-solving is defined as: "the ability to identify and solve problems by applying appropriate skills systematically".
When was the last time you challenged your students to do a problem-solving activity?
Chapters 3 through 7 skillfully lead the reader through each of the steps of the problem-solving model.
Kuo, Roysircar, & Newby-Clark, 2006; Yang, 2011), only a few focused on the problem-solving coping style.
In those with preceding events, maybe we need to identify more beforehand those who have poorer problem solving and teach them some problem-solving skills," Mr.
Berman and Feinblatt's traditional definition of a problem-solving court states that such a court seeks to 'address the underlying problems of individual litigants, the social problems of communities [and] the structural and operational problems of a fractured justice system.
In the light of this information, the aim of the research is to examine problem-solving skills of university students practicing dance for 12 weeks in terms of gender variable.
The methods used by teachers to interpret events and situations and the problem-solving styles of the teachers have a significant impact on the cognitive schema of children (Aydogan & Omeroglu, 2004; Kurtyilmaz, 2005).
Two months after the study began, 12 percent of patients receiving problem-solving treatment were depressed, compared with 23 percent of those getting standard care.
This cognitive model of reasoning can encourage reflection and improve problem-solving skill, which is critical for adapting to the technology situations that teachers will encounter in the classroom.
South Bureau Deputy Chief Earl Paysinger, who is about to become an assistant chief in charge of the LAPD's Office of Operations, said while the bureau's 1,500 officers often are forced to do ``hurry-up offense'' in a region of the city that's had 6,000 homicides in the past three decades, the problem-solving model has been successful.

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