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per pro.

abbreviation for the Latin term per procurationem, "on behalf of."
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No final decisions were made, but there was in-depth discussion of the challenges on allowing pro se litigants to electronically file documents.
Members agreed with Munyon's formulation that there are two main issues: identifying pro se filers entitled to use the portal and whether those filers should have online access to case records.
Melvin Cox, overseeing the creation of the portal for the authority, further divided the first issue into whether the system for pro se filers should include tutorials and other assistance to help them file.
In Part III, the Article turns to the issue of ethical guidance, considering first whether there is a lawyer-client relationship between the pro se defendant and standby counsel and then moving on to consider the way in which the ethical rules apply to standby counsel.
14) That right is not violated if the court appoints standby counsel to aid the pro se defendant, (15) although the pro se defendant cannot insist on assistance of counsel.
Faretta created tension between the defendant's right to proceed pro se and society's interest in maintaining the fairness of the criminal justice system.
The Public Counsel Appellate Law Program emerged from a concerted, collaborative effort by judicial, bar, and public interest leaders in Los Angeles to respond to the needs of indigent pro se (14) litigants involved in appellate matters in the state's Second Appellate District.
Given this large volume of appeals, it is not surprising that the Second Appellate District receives a sizeable number of appeals involving indigent pro se litigants.
19) The driving force behind this joint effort was the recognition that low-income pro se litigants face significant hurdles and could greatly benefit from technical assistance and pro bono representation.
Therefore, in order to afford pro se litigants their constitutional
Civil Procedure be modified to include guidance for pro se plaintiffs
filing a civil complaint or a prohibition against pro se plaintiffs