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per pro.

abbreviation for the Latin term per procurationem, "on behalf of."
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Assessing current processes available to pro se litigants in the civil litigation context; 3.
Once the comment period is over, officials will evaluate the feedback and then send the pro se forms to the Supreme Court for its review.
Ulmer (5) in 1987, the Alaska Supreme Court has held the pleadings of some pro se litigants to a less stringent standard than represented parties, even finding in some cases an affirmative duty of the trial court to explain to pro se litigants the technical points of procedure.
For twenty-five years, Breck served as a useful guidepost for dealing with the actions of pro se litigants.
This Article examines the question of what degree of procedural flexibility is owed to an unrepresented civil litigant (10) in Alaska trial courts, and calls on the Alaska Supreme Court to resolve the issue to promote a coherent, consistent, and useful policy that protects the pro se party.
1) Even though Abdulmutallab chose to proceed pro se, he was appointed standby counsel to help him navigate the complicated road of the American court system.
7) Defense attorneys tend to view a criminal defendant's decision to proceed pro se with a sense of resigned frustration since many see the defendant as a lamb blindly proceeding into the lion's den.
14) Despite the negative attitudes concerning pro se defendants and the popular belief that only the mentally ill represent themselves, (15) recent research reveals that pro se defendants do not necessarily fare worse than their represented counterparts.
mitigates the impact that the choice to proceed pro se has on
construction," to pro se pleadings against the backdrop of Conley
The Court's failure to explain how pro se pleadings are to be