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In his account specifically of the early fight-film genre, Dan Streible argues similarly that the history of prizefight films is a "parallel history that runs alongside the story of the development of mainstream commercial cinema.
But that fluctuating distance creates fertile ground for other kinds of investment to come into play, especially for viewers of fight films, since, for example, live prizefight spectatorship hinges powerfully on financial investment, i.
Black boxers eventually made their way into prizefight films early in the first decade of the twentieth century, but such films were often discredited and denounced by many white filmgoers and in a few cases inspired violent reactions from viewers.
Trinidad-Hopkins is one of those select prizefights whose magnitude is unmatchable.
The Rumble in the Jungle, so named because it took place in Zaire, turned out to be one of the greatest prizefights and media events of all time.
But even if it is a boxing picture, about the famous Rumble in the Jungle prizefight between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman, distributor Gramercy Pictures swears there's no fix involved.
King, James Brown and many others, Leon Gast's documentary offers a wealth of information about the logistics, politics and numerous goof-ups that resulted in one of the greatest prizefights of all time.