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n the rightful ownership; the exclusive right to a thing.
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Chairman Lord Blackwell told the AGM that 2016 was a notable year for Lloyds Banking Group as it strengthened its capital position and accelerated the process of returning the group to private ownership.
A Welsh Government spokeswoman said: "We rescued Cardiff Airport from a downward spiral in private ownership.
H0 = average yield of the studied companies listed in Tehran Stock Exchange for more than 50% Compared with the private ownership of state property between 2002 to 2013 more.
Many previously Government-owned companies - like Rolls Royce and British Airways - have flourished under private ownership.
There is no presumption at this stage that any particular option will be pursued, and no timeframe has yet been set for the return of the company to private ownership,' said UK Financial Investments Limited, the government body that manages the holding.
The property, owned by Robert Tashjian, will remain in private ownership, but cannot be developed, according to DCR Regional Director John Scannell.
Although Lara confessed he didn't pay much attention to the auction, he said that private ownership brought into the game by IPL would help the game prosper.
29 (ANI): Cash rich Indian consortia have reportedly indicated a keen interest to invest in domestic Twenty20 teams in Australia, even as the Australian Cricketers' Association has come out in support of private ownership of these franchises.
STIRLING ALBION could be under new private ownership in the next few weeks.
A 5,400-SF home in west Little Rock's Cypress Point West neighborhood returned to private ownership in a $565,000 transaction.
Expro has been under the private ownership of Candover, Goldman Sachs and Alpinvest since July 2008, after making the transition from the public to the private sector.
Meanwhile, Business Secretary Peter Mandelson (right) faces a backbench rebellion over plans to sell off a stake in the service to private ownership.