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H0: The mean efficiency of the studied companies listed in Tehran Stock Exchange for more than 50% compared to the state ownership to private ownership of more than 2002 years.
ACA president Paul Marsh said the players' association believed private ownership should be embraced.
This "scientific revolution" in the timber industry led to private ownership of commercial forest land on a wide scale.
Communist: a political system that ends private ownership in an effort to create a more equal distribution of wealth.
including a paragraph in the summit's action plan stating, "legal and administrative measures should he taken to prohibit undue concentration of private ownership and control of the media.
Due to both their size and private ownership, suppliers pay an illiquidity premium, raising their cost of capital and thereby increasing the requirement to make higher profits in order to continue to fund their growth.
Two images show women without shelter, another shows people in harried transit, and the tagged stone and Dumpster mark the contested boundary between private ownership and public expression.
They fear that dorm costs would rise dramatically if the facilities passed into private ownership.
Exploring alternatives to viewing humankind as the environmental problem that requires rationing of resources, restrictions, taxes and other coercive means--alternatives that would provide positive incentives to unleash human creativity to solve problems through voluntary and private ownership arrangements, as well as developing the institutions to protect individual rights and property.
5 million acres under private ownership be surrendered without compensation.
Private ownership facilitates this type of business relationship in local communities.
Mater et Magistra (1962) put it, "The right of private ownership of goods, including productive goods, has permanent validity.