Scientific Priority

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A general term referring to work that is seminal in a particular area and regarded as a major advancement, such as the discovery of the double helix as the structure of DNA
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It will also be interesting to see how KSA courts deal with situations akin to a common law lien where a creditor is in possession of an asset that becomes subject of a creditor priority dispute.
Much of Leibniz's least years were taken up with the priority dispute over the invention of the calculus.
Most of his grand projects were not completed, George I declined to invite him to England, and the calculus priority dispute escalated in accusations of plagiarism, though it also gave rise to the penetrating correspondence between Leibniz and Samuel Clarke.
This chapter also details the appearance of Newton's Opticks (1704) and the beginnings of the fierce priority dispute between Newton and Leibniz over the invention of calculus.
In response to Tycho's recurrent conviction of "paranoid secretiveness" (238) in his priority dispute with Nicolaus Raimarus Ursus, for example, Mosley rightly reinterprets Tycho's case in terms of entitlement, that is, in terms of which individuals were entitled to reveal Tycho's innovations to others and within what constraints he could claim their authorship.
That story, however, conceals a fierce priority dispute that for a while threatened to become a major international incident.
Although the facts and circumstances of the Minnesota Supreme Court case will not apply to every priority dispute between a mortgagee and a mechanic's lien claimant, the lessons for suppliers and subcontractors are clear and can be summarized as follows:
Earlier this year, following a court-ordered mediation that resulted in an agreement between Genentech and Celltech to settle the priority dispute, the court determined that Genentech was entitled as a matter of law to priority over Celltech, and accordingly, that Genentech should be awarded the patent on the invention.
As a result of this payment priority dispute, no principal payments had been made to noteholders since the August 2003 distribution date.
The first battle for a vendor embroiled in a priority dispute in the same collateral is establishing compliance with the UCC.
Besides creating potential priority disputes, this system is very expensive and time consuming.
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