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The rhizome and roots of a number of species of Primula (family Primulaceae), primrose or cowslip; has been used as expectorant, diuretic, and anthelmintic. In some sensitive persons contact with the plant causes a rash.
[Mediev. L. primrose, fem. of L. primulus, first]
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This method can be practised to keep most cultivated descendants of Primula vulgaris and its alpine cousin, Primula juliae, in vigorous growth indefinitely.
Recently it has lent its genes to a whole range of 'Wanda' hybrids - short, stocky plants often with dark leaves and richly coloured dark flowers with yellow in their centres, an inheritance from another contributor, Primula 'Cowichan'.
I've known a keen grower of Asiatic primulas who had to give up his collection because his garden was taken over by these monsters.
Although primulas thrive in any moisture-retentive, humus-rich soil, they very quickly form congested clumps, particularly in drier soils, becoming "woody" and at risk of dying out unless divided every three years and planted in a fresh position.
rosea, the first of the popular primulas to flower, plant them in tight groups.
For very wet areas, at the edges of ponds and streams, candelabra primulas will thrive.
This week's winner is Dennis Kemp, of Winchester, Hants, who says: "Be careful touching the leaves of primulas - they give my wife a terrible rash.
PLACES TO VISIT March 29: Primula Show, Arden School, Knowle, West Midlands: A terrific variety of primulas are on display at this event, organised by the National Auricula and Primula Society.
They make the perfect background for those real stars of any bog garden, the magnificent candelabra primulas.
IF you are interested in Primulas and Auriculas then why not ring Saturday, March 27, in your diary.
i l th t i There are all kinds of double-flowered primulas that resemble begonias, and multi-coloured ones like auriculas.