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La materia, la mano, l'esperimento: il centauro Primo Levi.
pagewanted=all (comparing Schlesak's book unfavorably with "the formal brilliance and heroic forbearance of much direct or first-generation or pre-'documentary' Holocaust writing: Primo Levi or Tadeusz Borowski or Elie Wiesel or Imre Kertesz or Fred Wander").
One of the things that really depressed Primo Levi was that in his own lifetime he saw the rise of neo-fascism in Europe, people denying what had happened and putting on swastikas again,"he says.
In one Paris lycee recently, they protested against reading a book by Primo Levi, which was part of the curriculum.
The author, who was one of the last people to interview Primo Levi before his death, wisely chose not to base his biography on Levi's own autobiographical writings.
Heidegger himself lived until 1976, long enough to take notice of Primo Levi who-although no German and no philosopher-had published in 1958 a book whose very title should have arrested him: Se Questo E Un Uomo?
Augustine's Christian rhetor; Marvin Becker's description of how the conception of civil society arose first in Scotland after 1750; and Hayden White's theoretical piece on Primo Levi examining the way that modern historians must become part of -- by bearing witness to -- the history they write.
Maus may or may not be more self-conscious than historical accounts and memoirs by Primo Levi, Elie Wiesel, and a host of others, but the weakness of White's position follows directly from the assumption that, given the absence of meaning and order within experiential reality, only narrative that in its form embodies this absence is significant.
Writers such as Primo Levi, Jorge Semprun and Elie Weisel have all testified about the role of imagination, language and story as an escape from the darkest solitude of Auschwitz.
Paul Alpers begins with Primo Levi, in Auschwitz, recalling a fragment of Dante: 'Considerate la vostra semenza: | fatti non foste a viver come bruti, | ma per seguir virtute e canonscenza' (Inferno xxvi.
Photo: Having survived a Nazi death camp, Primo Levi (John Turturro) rediscovers life in ``The Truce.
His extended discussion of Primo Levi emphasizes his agreement that "the Holocaust 'happened, therefore it can happen again.