anterior central gyrus

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pre·cen·tral gy·rus

bounded posteriorly by the central sulcus and anteriorly by the precentral sulcus.

anterior central gyrus

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Task-dependent modulation of excitatory and inhibitory functions within the human primary motor cortex.
It seems that stimulating the primary motor cortex improves the patients' complaints, and it may be an adjunctive treatment for FM.
Is the Human Primary Motor Cortex Involved in Motor Imagery", Cognitive Brain Res, Vol.
Prefrontal cortex: In mammals, the cortex of the frontal lobe that lies rostral to (in front of) the premotor and supplementary motor cortices and the primary motor cortex.
2004a) where a directional central arrow indicates in which ear an imperative stimulus will appear (validity of the cue 84%), the activation of the primary auditory cortex and the corresponding primary motor cortex was observed by analyzing the contingent magnetic variation (CMV).
However, the primary motor cortex also harbors an introspective side, according to a new study.
Thus, with techniques as different as rCBF and BEAM there is evidence of both pre-motor and primary motor cortex involvement in movement imagery.
Caution to US residents: the NBS System is cleared by the FDA for assessment of the primary motor cortex for pre-procedural planning only.
One of these areas is a portion of the primary motor cortex that is concerned with the control of axial body movement and posture.
Numerous reports have demonstrated that rTMS of the human primary motor cortex induces the release of dopamine in the putamen, which indicates that rTMS probably modulates striatal dopaminergic neurotransmission.
In behaviour tests, so called eyeblink conditioning, animals with and without NMDA receptors in the primary motor cortex had to learn to link a tone with a subsequent electrical stimulus of the eyelid.
Primary motor cortex area of one of the cerebral hemispheres includes cortical nerve centers which controls all muscles or muscle groups belonging to contralateral side of the body.

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