primary health care

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primary health care

a basic level of health care that includes programs directed at the promotion of health, early diagnosis of disease or disability, and prevention of disease. Primary health care is provided in an ambulatory facility to limited numbers of people, often those living in a particular geographic area. It includes continuing health care, as provided by a family nurse practitioner.


first; basic.

primary accession
the first contact with the veterinarian by an animal for the particular condition or disease incident that is the cause of the visit.
primary accession practice
a veterinary practice that does most of its work with primary accession cases—not a specialty practice.
primary bile acids
see bile acids.
primary carcinogens
substances that react directly with a specific biological group in living tissue resulting in the development of a neoplasm. They are mostly synthetic compounds or metals.
primary case
the patient which brings the disease into the population.
primary complex of Ranke
in the pathogenesis of tuberculosis is the primary lesion with a similar lesion in the draining lymph node.
primary health care
routine outpatient care.
primary immune response
see humoral immunity.
primary intention healing
see healing by first intention.
primary rumen cycle
primary ruminal tympany
intrinsic to reticuloruminal dysfunction; not secondary to traumatic reticulitis, esophageal obstruction.
primary ruminant gastrointestinal dysfunction
dysfunction intrinsic to the gastrointestinal tract of the ruminant; not secondary to dysfunction in some other organ.
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He said that the recommendations of Cuban delegation for strengthening of Primary Healthcare of Punjab would be helpful for this purpose.
There were practically no resources for segregation, in- house transport and for storage and record keeping of biomedical waste in primary healthcare facilities.
Kalban said the eligibility for obtaining this vaccine from DHA primary healthcare centres is for babies born on or after January 1 this year.
ABDO general secretary, Tony Garrett, said: "ABDO is aware that most members of the public do not have a clear understanding of the vital role opticians play in the provision of primary healthcare and the full range of skills and services they can provide.
The Lactation Clinic has been received positively by the Dukhan community, highlighting the importance of incorporating such a programme as part of the services offered in the field of primary healthcare.
GP representatives are concerned about changes to the way a new primary healthcare centre could be funded, an AM said.
Answering a question about leading cardiac ailment, he said around 40,000 children in the country born with heart diseases which could be prevented through primary healthcare.
In an effort to help overcome this shortage, the GE Foundation has partnered with NMF to build a primary care provider pipeline targeted at providing medical, nursing and physician assistant students the opportunity to explore primary healthcare in targeted U.
Al Qasmi said though Oman has made tremendous progress in developing primary healthcare facilities, the country is lacking specialised hospitals.
The primary healthcare centre is located in Al Barsha 2 in Dubai.
Imagine the Western Cape's R64 million health budget under spend (2010/2011) being redirected into one tightly knit, strategic unit of social entrepreneurs, NGOs and public sector specialists tasked with growing primary healthcare capacity in burgeoning underserved urban areas.
The newly-formed company does this through identifying and commercialising innovative medical technologies and improving the performance of patient care service businesses in high growth primary healthcare sectors that are open to competitive tender.

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