primary health care

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primary health care

a basic level of health care that includes programs directed at the promotion of health, early diagnosis of disease or disability, and prevention of disease. Primary health care is provided in an ambulatory facility to limited numbers of people, often those living in a particular geographic area. It includes continuing health care, as provided by a family nurse practitioner.


first; basic.

primary accession
the first contact with the veterinarian by an animal for the particular condition or disease incident that is the cause of the visit.
primary accession practice
a veterinary practice that does most of its work with primary accession cases—not a specialty practice.
primary bile acids
see bile acids.
primary carcinogens
substances that react directly with a specific biological group in living tissue resulting in the development of a neoplasm. They are mostly synthetic compounds or metals.
primary case
the patient which brings the disease into the population.
primary complex of Ranke
in the pathogenesis of tuberculosis is the primary lesion with a similar lesion in the draining lymph node.
primary health care
routine outpatient care.
primary immune response
see humoral immunity.
primary intention healing
see healing by first intention.
primary rumen cycle
primary ruminal tympany
intrinsic to reticuloruminal dysfunction; not secondary to traumatic reticulitis, esophageal obstruction.
primary ruminant gastrointestinal dysfunction
dysfunction intrinsic to the gastrointestinal tract of the ruminant; not secondary to dysfunction in some other organ.
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According to the notification, the CM has directed the committee to examine the proposal of establishing an independent department - primary healthcare and population welfare department.
While stating that such programmes like the Contributory Health Insurance Scheme were designed to ensure healthy Deltans, the governor assured Deltans that his administration was renovating primary health centres across the state to improve access to quality primary healthcare services to reduce the burden on secondary healthcare facilities.
In the last quarter of 2014, DHA implemented telemedicine in the field of diabetic eye-care for its diabetic patients who visit the primary healthcare centres.
is the specialist primary care infrastructure investor in modern, purpose-built primary healthcare properties in the United Kingdom and Ireland.
1) Ikegami argues that the Japanese Government made three strategic decisions during the early stages of modernising their country's health system, which facilitated the development of primary healthcare services: it provided opportunities for established practitioners to integrate in the organised healthcare system during a gradual transition to Western medicine; it limited the supply of hospitals and gave them little public funding and it involved the Japan Medical Association, which was dominated by clinic-based physicians, in establishing a fee schedule that favoured primary healthcare.
I will ensure that as a Cabinet Member, the Government provides full support to this project so that our primary healthcare at the grassroots level makes significant improvements.
These recommendations by the WHO summarize concepts on methodological strategies for functioning of primary healthcare as part of health systems.
She added that DHA's Primary Healthcare Sector has dedicated traveller clinics where mothers can not only understand what vaccines are needed but also get general health tips and travel advice.
According to the policy one year service at primary healthcare facilities will be mandatory for fresh medical graduates of public sector medical colleges.
Lloyds offers services and products aimed at primary healthcare businesses including GPs, dentists and pharmacists.
Over $1 million were used to purchase roughly 6,200 items of medical equipment for primary healthcare centers in 2014 alone
The Sector recommended expansion in primary healthcare programmes by focusing on reducing cases of maternal and child mortality rate, linking education with requirements of labor market and giving attention to worship sites .

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