prima facie

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prima facie (prīˑ·m fāˑ·shē),

n at first site; the minimum amount of evidence required from one party that compels another party to defend itself in court.

prima facie (prī´mə fā´shē),

adv a phrase that means “on the face of it”; so far as can be judged from the first appearance; presumably.
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These market shares, post-merger market concentration levels and concentration increases are all far above the guidelines of the Department of Justice and Federal Reserve - which consider a bank merger to raise significant competitive issues if the post-merger HHI is above 1800 with an increase of more than 200 - and provide prima facia evidence that the transaction will substantially lessen competition.
Consistent with McAfee's disciplined acquisition history, this acquisition would be prima facia accretive even before allowing for the significant opportunities for cost reductions and revenue synergies.