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l1] We estimate that the wealth shock caused by n 1 percent price deflation leads to a 0.
Non-food has recorded annual price deflation in 22 of the last 23 months and remains "significantly down on a year ago".
Consumers remain cautious in their spending behavior, and we continued to experience price deflation.
Because of cost increases and price deflation, you have to have a high volume of sales which is why you need a lot of floor space.
NEW YORK-Although unit sales of DVD players are expected to grow this year by more than 7 percent, price deflation will cause retailers to experience a decline in sales dollars by more than 6 percent.
Kuroda and Kawai also proposed a ''concerted global reflation'' policy to be taken by central banks in the United States, Europe and Japan to minimize the risk of a delay in economic recovery and price deflation globally.
As BOJ officials define it, a deflationary spiral is more than just falling prices; it is a crisis in which price deflation and shrinking demand keep feeding each other.
Carter, president and chief executive officer, commented that while he was pleased with customer traffic for the month, sales continued to reflect price deflation in apparel.
The UK clothing & footwear sector has undergone a major repositioning since the millennium because of price deflation.
Economists believe that price deflation causes people to hang on to their money in the hope that the cost of goods will fall further.
Marketing director Richard Cooper said: "With consumers finding it harder to obtain credit, it remains to be seen if VAT cuts along with price deflation will boost retail spending in the run up to Christmas.
The facts about pricing in this segment are quite clear--there has been price deflation in toiletries for many years as the on-shelf costs for many of the most sought-after products have historically fallen.