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1. Relating to or designed for children especially between the ages of 10 and 12.
2. Being a child especially between the ages of 10 and 12; preadolescent.
A preteen boy or girl.
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Preteen Vaccine Awareness Week is an opportunity to raise awareness through schools, health care providers and media regarding preteen immunizations, particularly Georgia's new pertussis and meningococcal requirements for incoming seventh-grade students.
However, intervention programs are mostly targeted to younger children and very little help is available for kids preteens," he said.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Substance-dependent young people who started smoking marijuana in their preteen years entered treatment with greater impairments than did those who started using marijuana as teenagers in a study of 136 patients in residential treatment.
Often humorous, occasionally cruel, and frequently poignant, this novel captures preteen concerns about peer pressure, acceptance and self-image.
In addition to a six-week entrepreneurial workshop for teens and preteens, students have access to mentors and paid internships, The organization's Business Helping Business Capital Exchange Program helps small and micro businesses get the money, products, and services they need to grow.
Results also showed that preteens with friends in higher grades were more likely to have sex in early adolescence.
We are seeing a resurgence of whooping cough, especially in preteens and adolescents, the presence of which in a family can result in infection and death of infant siblings.
To learn more about vaccines recommended for preteens and teens and people of all ages, parents should talk to their health care professional.
Use of social networking Web sites poses no greater risk of sexual solicitation and harassment of children than do other online behaviors, according to the results of an e-mail survey of 1,588 preteens and teens.
I have never been with a woman, other than French-kissing another girl when I was in my preteens.
But then, directly following the Harry Potter page, comes a page for preteens.