pressure-sensitive adhesive

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pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA)

a transdermal drug-delivery device that uses polymers that are permanently tacky at room temperature and adhere to the skin when slight pressure is applied.
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Hot melt and radiation cured products though costly are the future drivers in the pressure sensitive adhesives markets due to its unique advantages.
An adhesive nonwoven web made of pressure sensitive adhesive fibers was patented.
After reviewing pressure sensitive adhesives and building tack, we can agree on the following:
BST titled "Sticky Times for the European Pressure Sensitive Adhesives Market
MACtac is a global supplier of pressure sensitive adhesives.
Ashland's AROSET pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) product line was recently introduced in China by Ashland Specialty Polymers & Adhesives (SP & A), a business group of Ashland Performance Materials, a division of Ashland Inc.
At Labelexpo 2006 the company launched three new pressure sensitive adhesive polymers to provide greater choice to label, graphics and tape manufacturers.
Table 6: World Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tape Market (
ETI Converting Equipment, a Canadian company based in Montreal, has received a United States patent for its "Method and Apparatus for Manufacturing Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Label Stocks with Printing under Adhesive and Product produced thereby".
Rayven 3629-CP is a new economical pressure sensitive adhesive for films.
EMSAM incorporates selegiline into a pressure sensitive adhesive formulation for the transdermal delivery of therapeutically effective amounts of the drug.
AMG is a leading manufacturer and fabricator of polymers, foams, foils, films and pressure sensitive adhesive composites to industrial customers.