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push up

term applied to that part of the total mixed ration that gets pushed too far for the animal to reach when being floor fed in a feeding alley through the stanchion system. Periodically this is pushed up for access or is removed and fed to heifers.

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Q. part of my daily rutin is that every morning i exercise for about an hour by jogging and push ups and other things ... is it enough to keep my health straight and level ?and also , is it enough for fitness ambition ? do i need to envolve other things with my work out ???

A. a proper diet,like watching what u eat,drink alot of water,eat more fruits,watch your carbs and calories

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Thursday evening Squats easy/hard Chest Lunges Upper back Step-ups Chest One-legged step-ups Press ups easy/hard Knee thrusts Upper back Balance exercise Chest To finish, work on your stomach and lower back.
Friday High knees, quick knees, zig zags Tricep dips Bicep curls Side plank Shoulders and arm exercise with bands Press ups, easy/hard After a good warm-up, set a distance of around 30 - 40 metres, preferably on grass or sand.
The most one-arm press ups in five hours after achieving 8,794, using his right arm only and the most one arm push ups in one hour using the left arm only when he managed 1,868.
In fact, press ups would be no problem for Hobbits because they have short, fat hairy limbs.
Mr Doyle, who is 5ft 8ins and weighs in at 12st 2lb, claimed his first endurance and strength record in 1987 when he completed 4,000 press ups with a 50lb weight strapped to his back.
Paul Jones, aged 53, from Sutton Coldfield, broke a world multidiscipline record after a remarkable effort which included 163 press ups, 108 squat thrusts, 70 power jumps, 272 sit-up crunches, 314 star jumps and 444 martial arts kicks and punches in 30 minutes.
Working with partners - a key motivational factor - we do circuits combining hand weights, sit ups, press ups, bench steps and fast punching with a medicine ball.
Paddy, who moved to Balsall Common from Sheldon almost four years ago, is training hard for the challenges with a gruelling fitness regime, which sees him running five miles, rowing 10,000m, cycling five miles, completing 500 press ups and 500 sit ups, six days a week.