prepaid group practice

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prepaid group practice,

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There were also reasons for optimism about a prepaid group practice model.
94) Some prepaid group practice industry experts, however, were skeptical of the administration's goal to move prepaid group practices from an alternative form to the mainstream of the health delivery system.
Industry experts believed that, if indemnity insurers and health care providers sponsored health maintenance organizations, the principles that served as the foundation for prepaid group practice would not survive.
A Controlled Trial of the Effect of a Prepaid Group Practice on Use of Services.
Utilization Patterns Among Long-Term Enrollees in a Prepaid Group Practice Health Maintenance Organization.
Comparison of Prematurity and Prenatal Mortalities in a General Practice Population and in the Population of a Prepaid Group Practice Medical Care Plan.
A unique feature of prepaid group practice is systematic regular professional interaction of generalist and specialist physicians.
The model of prepaid group practice in a competitive environment comes as close to that as we have seen.
Health Care Utilization and Outcomes Among Persons with Rheumatoid Arthritis in Fee-for-Service and Prepaid Group Practice Settings.
Health Outcomes for a Chronic Disease in Prepaid Group Practices and Fee-for-Service Settings: The Case of Rheumatoid Arthritis.
The old models of prepaid group practice and regionalization, while good ideas, never got off the ground.
When entrepreneurial capitalists look at the Kaiser Foundation Plan and similar prepaid group practices, they see opportunities to produce medical services at lower cost, but they do not think first of turning those lower costs into refunds or lower prices for the community.