prepaid group practice

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prepaid group practice,

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For prepaid group practices such as Permanente Medical, the organizing principle is a "delivery system based on an accountable, multispecialty group of physicians who work together in teams to provide care for a voluntarily enrolled population within a per capita prospectively determined budget.
A Controlled Trial of the Effect of a Prepaid Group Practice on Use of Services.
A unique feature of prepaid group practice is systematic regular professional interaction of generalist and specialist physicians.
As illustrated in the new book, the prepaid group practice model is one with a rich history of proven results and myriad contributions to American health care in areas as varied as clinical and health services research, chronic disease management, national health policy; and innovations in pharmacy benefit management, physician staffing patterns, technology deployment, and quality improvement.
Health Care Utilization and Outcomes Among Persons with Rheumatoid Arthritis in Fee-for-Service and Prepaid Group Practice Settings.
The old models of prepaid group practice and regionalization, while good ideas, never got off the ground.
viability of prepaid group practice health care on projects such
The Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program is the nation's largest prepaid group practice health maintenance organization.
Kaiser Permanente, the nation's largest independent prepaid group practice health maintenance organization (HMO), provides comprehensive medical and hospital services to more than 6.
Called "Added Choice," the new product will meet the demands of Kaiser Permanente's employer customers, and will complement its core prepaid group practice HMO.
Vohs became best known for his devotion to the founding principles of Kaiser Permanent, including prepaid group practice, joint Medical Group/Health Plan management, and a decentralized organizational structure.
He has represented hospitals, nursing homes, home health agencies, HMOs, prepaid group practices, medical staffs, and related clients throughout the country since the early 1970s.