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The covalent addition of prenyl and multiprenyl residues to a macromolecule.
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The prenylated flavanone 2',4'-dihydroxy-5'-(1'",1'"dimethylallyl)-6-prenylpinocembrin (6PP) previously reported was isolated from the roots of Dalea elegans Gillies ex Hook, et Am.
Bioactive carotenoids, flavanols and polyphenols, as well as curcuminoids and prenylated flavonoids will also be discussed.
Branch-point reactions in the biosynthesis of cholesterol, dolichol, ubiquinone and prenylated proteins.
There is a strong correlation between the unpalatability of brown algae in the tropics and the presence of secondary compounds such as terpenoids or prenylated phenolics (11).
The researchers have identified dozens of the key bitter-tasting substances formed during beer manufacturing, mostly the prenylated polyketides derived from hops.
Many of them possess antifungal properties, especially the polymethylated flavones and the prenylated isoflavones as well as various chalcones and flavanones (Williamson and al.
These cause a reduction in intracellular mevulonate, LDL and geranylgeraniol, thereby inhibiting cholesterol biosynthesis and also causing a decrease in prenylated proteins (147,148).
The presence of prenylated flavonoids is a special attribute, particularly xanthohumol (a prenylated chalcone present at a concentration of up to 1%) and 8-prenylnaringenin (<0.
Hops are recognised as a safe botanical and NPU prenylated flavones are
One immunocytochemical study identified the nodule inner cortex as a site of a prenylated isoflavone (Grandmaison & Ibrahim, 1995).