affirmative action

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Affirmative Action

The removal of artificial barriers to the employment of women and disadvantaged minorities, or admission of same to highly selective institutions of higher learning.

affirmative action

Social medicine The removal of artificial barriers to the employment of ♀ and disadvantaged minorities, or admission of same to highly selective institutions of higher learning; AA refers to any effort to recruit and hire members of previously disadvantaged groups, as a means of erasing past inequities. See Bakke v Regents of the University of California, Reverse discrimination; Cf Glass ceiling.
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Pleas for preferential hiring will get a stony reception in this darkening environment.
What distinguishes it from preferential hiring or admissions, though, is that it takes seriously the fact of differential performance and seeks to reverse it directly, rather than trying to hide from that fact by setting a different threshold of expectations for the performance of blacks.
Their analysis of affirmative action is similar to those who would argue for the permissibility of preferential hiring policy and practice.
In Worcester and elsewhere preferential hiring of minorities has sometimes prompted charges of "reverse discrimination.
What it says is the preferential hiring for blacks should not continue at the same rate," Patterson said.
Other terms include retention of a preferential hiring practice that, in some circumstances, allows West State to hire and lay off workers on the basis of skill and ability instead of seniority, and more flexible shift arrangements, including the option to work four 10hour days, three 12-hour days, or five 8-hour days.
20, 1997 and the rest will be placed on a preferential hiring list.
Chile is considering a law that would give preferential hiring treatment to journalism school graduates.
Over and above these benefits, workers who were laid off at the four plants idled during the 1987 contract are eligible for an additional 12 weeks of SUB, and have preferential hiring rights to openings at other GM plants.
Flamingo Casino-New Orleans officials said that existing Flamingo Casino-New Orleans employees will receive preferential hiring by the New Orleans land-based casino and will be offered employment and relocation assistance to the City of Shreveport upon the facility's move the Shreveport.
It also wants to expand job security by negotiating improved early retirement programs, obtaining commitments from the auto companies to modernize UAW represented plants (to keep the plants competitive) to assure workers of jobs in the future, and improving preferential hiring and transfer rights.
Letters have been sent to these employees inviting them to return and another letter has been sent to the remaining employees advising them they have been placed on preferential hiring lists.

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