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Interestingly, workers who said they were exposed to dust were almost six times more likely to report musculoskeletal pain than those who said they were not - in previous research, exposure to dust has been listed as a predisposing risk factor to MSDs.
Prevalence of DVT in various patient populations Patient population Prevalence of DVT Internal medicine 10 - 20% General surgery 15 - 40% Major gynaecological surgery 15 - 40% Major urological surgery 15 - 40% Neurosurgery 15 - 40% Stroke 15 - 40% Hip and knee replacement surgery 40 - 60% Hip fractures 40 - 60% Polytrauma 40 - 80% Spinal cord injury 60 - 80% Critical care 10 - 80% VTE risk factors Predisposing risk factor Relative risk weighting Thrombophilia High History of VTE High Malignancy High Drugs, e.
2) Previous head and neck radiation therapy is a predisposing risk factor.
There is strong evidence to suggest that smoking is an important predisposing risk factor for myocardial infarction in the presence of normal coronary arteries.
While psychiatric disorders may arise independently from HIV infection, they are often a consequence of a positive diagnosis, and they may be a predisposing risk factor for infection.
All case-patients had predisposing risk factors for parasitic infestation, such as diabetes mellitus, immobilization, alcohol and drug use, or decreased immune status.
Dr Ghaffar Billoo, Professor, Department of Paediatrics & Child Health, said that children under five years of age remained at high risk of mortality in Pakistan owing to predisposing risk factors, including rampant malnutrition, indoor air pollution and a poor history of vaccination.
Predisposing risk factors associated with patient (assign score 1 unless otherwise noted) Clinical setting Inherited Acquired (score (score 3) 3) Age 40-60 years Factor V Lupus Leiden/ anticoagulant activated Age > 60 years protein C Antiphospholipid (score 2) resistance antibodies History DVT/PE Antithrombin Myeloproliferative (score 3) III deficiency disorders Pregnancy or Dysfibrinogenaemia Disorders of postpartum plasminogen and (< 1 month) plasmin activation Malignancy Homocysteinaemia Heparin (score 2) thrombocytopenia Varicose 20210A Hyperviscosity veins prothrombin syndromes mutation Inflammatory Homocysteinaemia bowel disease Obesity (> 20% ideal body weight) Combined oral contraceptive/HRT Total additional predisposing risk factors associated with patient: Step 3.
A further 24 million people are at high risk of type 2 diabetes from predisposing risk factors, such as impaired glucose tolerance.
While researchers say broken-heart syndrome is triggered by emotional stress, not much is known about predisposing risk factors.
These risk factors are frequently divided into predisposing risk factors and precipitating risk factors (Allen & Alexander, 2012).
The exact mechanism of abnormal cardiac activity during ESWL is poorly understood and consistent evidence on predisposing risk factors has not been established.