heterogeneous nuclear RNA

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het·er·o·ge·ne·ous nuclear RNA (hnRNA),

a mixture of RNA, of high molecular weight, that never leaves the nucleus; has a high rate of turnover and consists of mRNA containign both introns and exons of genes.
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Thus, Hac1p of 230aa (220aa D 10aa) is translated from HAC1 precursor mRNA (1.
Obviously, there are two interpretations for these observations, depending on whether HAC1 precursor mRNA is translated or not.
27) Now Peter and I agree that ER stress-induced splicing of HAC1 precursor mRNA permits synthesis of the yeast UPR-specific transcription factor Hac1p.
mRNA splicing is usually carried out by the spliceosome in the nucleus; however, the sequences around the 5' and 3' splice sites in HAC1 precursor mRNA do not match the consensus sequence (GT-AG or AT-AC).
Both the 5' and 3' splice sites in HAC1 precursor mRNA form stem-loop structures (SL1 and SL4, respectively; Fig.
The above results predicted that ER stress-induced cleavage of HAC1 precursor mRNA involves a novel type of endonuclease.
MGF mRNA is derived from the IGF-I gene by alternative precursor mRNA splicing, the sequence of which has a 49-base pair insertion in humans (Hameed et al.
The spliceosome must clip these sequences, known as introns, at the right place in the precursor mRNA.
Alternative splicing (AS) is the process by which different exons are selected in precursor mRNAs to generate multiple protein products.
In A to I RNA editing, there is a site-specific conversion of adenosine to inosine in precursor mRNAs.