precordial catch syndrome

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pre·cor·di·al catch syn·drome

a benign syndrome of uncertain origin, characterized by sharp, sudden pain in the region of the cardiac apex on inspiration, yet usually relieved by forcing a deeper breath; tenderness is absent.
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Chest wall syndrome (22) and chest trauma, including rib fractures, can produce pain very similar to precordial catch syndrome.
The diagnostic evaluation for precordial catch syndrome should consist almost exclusively of a careful history-taking and physical examination.
Also, if precordial catch syndrome occurs concomitantly with a separate underlying pathology, such as an atrial septal defect, then ancillary testing may be done as part of that separate evaluation.
Management of precordial catch syndrome, like the diagnostic evaluation, consists largely of careful, attentive conversation with the patient and the family.
This can be especially effective if the physician has personally experienced precordial catch syndrome in the past.