positive predictive value

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positive predictive value

Statistics The number of true positives divided by the sum of true positives–TP and false positives–FP, a value representing the proportion of subjects with a positive test result who actually have the disease, aka 'efficiency' of a test. Cf Negative predictive value, ROC–receiver operating characteristic.

pos·i·tive pre·dic·tive val·ue

(poz'i-tiv prĕ-dik'tiv val'yū)
The probability that a positive result accurately indicates that the analyte or the specific disease is present.

Positive predictive value (PPV)

The probability that a person with a positive test result has, or will get, the disease.
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predictive value

a measure used by clinicians to interpret diagnostic test results. See also sensitivity, specificity.

positive predictive value
the probability that a patient with a positive test result really does have the condition for which the test was conducted.
negative predictive value
the probability that a patient with a negative test result really is free of the condition for which the test was conducted.
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The precision rate for a positive on test for normal union was 41% and for delayed union is 83%.
Contract awarded for Scientology precision rate Yongsan schools overhaul safety inspection and service
W = 100 was determined to be the most effective value with a precision rate of 85% (Fig.
Sakaki said the chimpanzee's chromosome 22 was mapped at a precision rate of 99.
Inertial Products specializes in small and very small precision rate gyro assemblies for specialized, space-critical applications.
025 %[2], tempered 0 %[3] Precision rate / focus deviation: annealed FDx < 8 mm[4], tempered FDx < 8.
The poll has a statistical precision rate of plus or minus three points.
Ekwall has demonstrated that in vitro [non-animal] testing using human cells can predict toxicity at a precision rate of 77%, compared to only 65% with traditional LD50 tests using animals.
He went on to say that this new system is one of the most advanced applications of Ideal Aerosmith's technological achievements that were gained over its six decades of producing precision rate and positioning motion tables.
With its advanced technology, the DTX-200 DexaCare(R) scanner boasts a precision rate of more than 99 percent and an accuracy rate of greater than 97 percent.

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