emergency medical services

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e·mer·gen·cy med·i·cal ser·vic·es

(EMS) (ē-mĕr'jĕn-sē med'i-kăl sĕr'vis-ĕz)
An agency that provides prehospital care and transport to the sick and wounded.
Synonym(s): ambulance service, emergency medical service system.
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Contract notice: Offering pre-hospital vehicles for emergency and emergency vehicles
This is done through the creation of the National Pre-Hospital Care Council (NPHCC) under the Department of Health that is mandated to develop internationally accepted standards for the practice of prehospital care professionals, to ensure the development of prehospital emergency-care system at the national and local level and the proper implementation of the law, and the regulation of prehospital emergency-care profession.
The bilingual Pre-Hospital Communication Guide App is a useful tool to assist those who are deaf, hard of hearing, don't speak English as their first language, have learning difficulties, or whose illness or injury affects their communication.
Naresh Jain, CEO, Ziqitza Health Care Limited who signed to implement the "Madhya Pradesh Emergency Medical Ambulance And Healtgcare Services" on the Company's behalf said, "At Ziqitza, our mission is to ensure international quality of emergency medical services and pre-hospital care to all segment of people.
Beijing Red Cross Emergency Medical Center, commonly known as 999, is an International Red Cross Association dedicated to providing critical pre-hospital medical services and has been among the pioneers in the Chinese air ambulance field.
Methods: The study sample of this randomized clinical trial was 54 patients needing pre-hospital airway management.
The institute has been established in collaboration with the Disaster Relief by Irish and Pakistani (DRIP), Ireland and will be affiliated with National Ambulance Services College, Dublin and Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council, University College Dublin.
Al Hajeri added: "National Ambulance is proud to provide high-quality, pre-hospital emergency care to one of Abu Dhabi's iconic venues throughout the year.
The second part is focused on assessment and application and includes chapters devoted to trauma, pre-hospital electrocardiography, assessing the cardiac system, and other subjects.
Key findings from an analysis by the Hamad Injury Prevention Programme (HIPP) of HMC mortuary and trauma registry data show 73% reduction in deaths among young road users aged 30 and below; 68% reduction in pre-hospital deaths or deaths occurring before the victim reaches the hospital; 64% reduction in deaths among young male Qataris and 64 % reduction in deaths among children aged 18 and below.
The new ambulance vehicles are fitted with pre-hospital devices and offer the unique facilities of a fully equipped mobile clinic with an intensive care unit, so as to provide the best pre-hospital healthcare to patients before reaching hospital.
The sobering reality is that the majority of deaths occur shortly after admission, which speaks volumes about the severity of illness at admission and deficiencies in pre-hospital care.