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/pra·na/ (prah´nah) [Sanskrit] in ayurvedic tradition, the life force or vital energy, which permeates the body and is especially concentrated along the midline in the chakras.


Ayurvedic medicine
The primal or vital energy that drives life; prana is analogous to qi (chi) in Chinese medicine, and viewed as having the qualities of a “nutrient” that can be taken into the body. Because prana is present in the air, breathing exercises are believed to have a central role in promoting health.


Life sustaining energy centered in the human brain; the first of the five airs of Ayurvedic philosophy; the life force governing inspiration and the conscious intellect.

prana (prä·n),

n vital energy as articulated in the spiritual and healing systems of India. Similar to the Chinese qi, the Japanese ki, and the Greek pneuma. See also ki, Odic force, pneuma, qi, and vital force.
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Training and treatment in Yoga, Reiki and Pranic healing, Bayoga, Juffair, 6am-10am and 4pm-8pm.
El-Dessouky organizes various courses on topics like pranic healing, the secret techniques of energy self-defense, emotional freedom techniques, reflexology, shiatsu, meditation and body talk.
There will also be a series of talks running throughout the Festival on topics such as Feng Shui, the healing power of crystals, yoga and Pranic healing.
Vieira also claims that the holochakra (energetic or pranic body) "always remains invisible to the sight of the ordinary individual .
Using yoga therapy, energy lines, called meridians or nadis, are massaged in a process known as energy or pranic healing.
Other online gurus include Grand Master Choa Kuk Sui, who claims his pranic healing can cure people with a touch.
It's called Pranic light which is the light of God found all over the universe and inside everyone.
Part 4, "Breaking New Ground," presents Christian perspectives on controversial forms of treatment such as those based on African traditional medicine, herbal cures, pranic healing [from prana, Sanskrit for "vital principle"], and homeopathy.
Free Pranic Healing Community Clinic teaches participants about pranic healing, a no-touch, painless healing art developed by Master Choa Kok Sui, 6:30 to 9 p.
For more than 10 years, she has studied and trained in many healing modalities, including Hsin Tao, Chinese Energetic Medicine, Theta Healing, Pranic Healing, Usui Reiki I and II.
Attendees at this year's event can look forward to $20 wet haircuts, $10 kids cuts, $15 mini-manicures, $10 brow or lip waxing, $15 chair massages and reflexology, botox and fillers, and plenty of fun and surprises, including clairvoyant/tarot card readings, Pranic (energetic) healers and balloon pop prizes.
The major difference between energy work -- be it Quantum, Reiki, Pranic or some other style -- and the work I do, is that my clients and I use a technique called Cellular Quantum Mechanics.