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/pra·na/ (prah´nah) [Sanskrit] in ayurvedic tradition, the life force or vital energy, which permeates the body and is especially concentrated along the midline in the chakras.


Ayurvedic medicine
The primal or vital energy that drives life; prana is analogous to qi (chi) in Chinese medicine, and viewed as having the qualities of a “nutrient” that can be taken into the body. Because prana is present in the air, breathing exercises are believed to have a central role in promoting health.


Life sustaining energy centered in the human brain; the first of the five airs of Ayurvedic philosophy; the life force governing inspiration and the conscious intellect.

prana (prä·n),

n vital energy as articulated in the spiritual and healing systems of India. Similar to the Chinese qi, the Japanese ki, and the Greek pneuma. See also ki, Odic force, pneuma, qi, and vital force.
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There's not much literature that can be found regarding mental healing, unlike those of pranic, spiritual and divine healing.
My friend then told me about a lengthy conversation she had had on a flight in from Zurich, seated next to an Arab queen, who was en route to Manila "because the global headquarters for pranic healing is located in Makati.
While one can find Reiki masters and courses in Lebanon, the most prevalent form of energy healing in the Middle East appears to be Pranic healing, defined as "a form of no-touch energy healing developed by Chao Kok Sui, a doctor of chemical engineering, which utilizes prana or life-force to balance, harmonize and transform the body's energy process.
Guests are encouraged to walk in the ankle-deep pool and feel the 'energised' water remove pranic energy blocks and create a sense of overall well being.
Training and treatment in Yoga, Pranic healing and Reiki.
Over the years, as the company tied up with Hyatt International, Gupta, as chairman of Edenpark Hotels and Choice Hospitality India, has been leading the expansion of the international brands, The Clarion Collection and Choice Hotels, in India Not content to keep shepherding his companies through the vagaries of the industry, Gupta has also spent plenty of time over the years working for other causes close to his heart -- he is an active Rotarian, a devoted environmentalist, a tourism advocate and a pranic healer.
au) and massages the marmas or pranic (energetic) centres on your face using the spa's rejuvenating oils.
A number of interactive and proactive programmes, self breast examination programme, interaction with medical specialists and advice on pilates, yoga, iridology, pranic healing and martial arts is available.
Here is a kundalini yoga set as taught by Yogi Bhajan to help open the Pranic channels and balance the left and right sides of the body.
Theta healing, hypnotherapy, tarot reading, angel readings, reiki, pranic healing, meditation, chakra balancing, crystal therapya the list of healing modalities taking root in the city is ever expanding
El-Dessouky organizes various courses on topics like pranic healing, the secret techniques of energy self-defense, emotional freedom techniques, reflexology, shiatsu, meditation and body talk.
Reiki, charkra, qigong, pranic healing; yoga; breath work; and meditation are just a few examples of indigenous approaches that also focus on the connectedness of the body, spirit, and mind and on bringing about and maintaining a balance in the flow of energy.