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Aum (ä·ōōmˑ), 1. in Ayurveda, the subtle, noiseless cosmic vibration in which consciousness existed in the beginning, before the elements appeared. Also called
Om. 2. mantra seed syllable often used in meditation.
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Pranav has also written the lyrics and rendered a retro English song for the film.
lt;BSachin Tendulkar took to Twitter to congratulate 15-year-old Pranav Dhanawade, who struck an unbeaten 1,009 in a school match in Mumbai
The incident reportedly took place when Pranav was passing through Utarthu village under Bind police station area.
Pranav was Kumar's only child and was to start school in April.
He said the vehicle turned turtle a couple of times and Pranav was flung out of a side window due to the impact of the crash.
CUTLINE: Four of the 10 students honored were Praneeth Mekala of Shrewsbury, Charan Sankaran of Shrewsbury, Heather Wing of Marlboro and Pranav Gopan Marlborough.
New Delhi, March 13 -- Pranav Nanda's Harley showroom is called 9 Bridges Harley-Davidson and spreads over 12,000 square feet.
Boys final standings: 1 Arpit Hamirwasia, 2 Abhinav A and Gokul Krishna, 3 Ahmed Ahmed A Lateef, Pranav S and James David.
Pranav Ganesh, Consul (Consular) in the Indian Consulate, graced the function of Karnataka NRI Forum as a chief guest and Vishwanath Hegde, chief patron of the forum, attended the program as a guest of honor.
The debt crisis is prompting European governments and companies to hunt for savings and that has led to more IT outsourcing to India, reports Pranav Nambiar for The Times of India.