François, French anatomist, 1616-1708. See: Poupart ligament, Poupart line.
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Poupart, prescribed the salt-water bathing at Trouville.
It added Professor Pascal Poupart of the University of Waterloo and Professor Marcus Brubaker of York University.
Selected candidates will be able to pursue their independent research under the academic guidance of top AI researchers such as Professor Matthew Taylor, Professor Pascal Poupart, Professor Jackie Cheung and Professor Marcus Brubaker.
In: Poupart J, Deslauriers JP, Groulx LH, Laperriere A, Mayer R, Pires AP, organizadores.
1H and 1I), very similar to the Lichtenstein technique, starting from the pubic tubercle, two sutures on internal oblique muscle avoiding iliohypogastric nerve, and with two sutures on the inguinal ligament of Poupart (Fig.
Forster JL, Rhodes KL, Poupart J, Baker LO, Davey C; American Indian Community Tobacco Project Steering Council.
The mesh was sutured to the ligament of Poupart using a non-absorbable continuous 2/0 suture (Prolene; Ethicon) and secured cranially using same suture.
Company Profiles: Bakkavor Group, Berry Gardens, Florette UK + Ireland, Fresca Group, Fresh and Naked, Fresh Del Monte Produce, Fyffes Group, G's Group Holdings, MM (UK), Mcdonald's, Poupart, Princes, Thanet Earth.
AT THE CROSSROADS OF HIS LIFE, HIRAM ROSADO Poupart decided that what he wanted to do was to create in clay.
Poupart (2008) destaca que as entrevistas constituem uma porta de acesso as realidades sociais, abrindo a possibilidade de compreender e conhecer internamente os dilemas e as questoes enfrentadas pelos atores sociais.