Potomac Fever

A popular term of uncertain utility for a ‘disease’ affecting those who are temporarily in a position of power in Washington D.C., the US capital
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Among horses, Potomac fever is a potentially fatal gastrointestinal disease, but in the world of American governmental officials it has an entirely different meaning--although it too can be a fatal disease.
call it Potomac Fever, or whatever you'd like, but the longer some folks are in Washington, the more taxpayer money they want to spend.
I mean, this is an attitude of Potomac fever that the government thinks we can legislate about and solve every crime and every problem.
Entertainment will be provided by Sister Sledge -featuring Kathy Sledge , Suede , and Potomac Fever , an a cappella ensemble of the Gay Men's Chorus of Washington.
Catch Potomac Fever while discussing politics and current events with U.
Cocktails for Your President's Day Parties: Potomac Fever
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