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1. An instrument used for measuring small differences in electrical potential.
2. An electrical resistor of fixed total resistance between two terminals, but with a third terminal attached to a slider that can make contact at any desired point along the resistance.
[L. potentia, power, + G. metron, measure]


Etymology: L, potentia + Gk, metron, measure
a voltage-measuring device.


A voltmeter.

calibration potentiometer

A mechanically adjusted resistance used as a calibration control on many instruments. It adjusts a voltage or current within the device.
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By pairing the AS5600 with a low-cost two-pole magnet, design engineers can implement an angle-measurement system at a similar cost to that of a mid-range potentiometer, benefiting from the attractive price/performance ratio of the device.
is a leading manufacturer and supplier of automotive sensors, circuit protection solutions, magnetic products, microelectronic modules, trimming and precision potentiometers, panel controls and encoders and resistive products.
Two strategies for controlling two DOFs were tested: one using a traditional FSR/rocker potentiometer setup and the other using a two-axis joystick.
a leading innovator in electronics, has introduced its new ultra small (3mm) Closed Cermet Trimmer Potentiometer.
Several makers of potentiometers have been using keys intended primarily for telephone purposes.
The MCP4341/2 digital potentiometers are available in 14- and 20-pin TSSOP, and 4 mm x 4 mm QFN packages, for $1.
As a pricing reference, the Model 3547 3-turn and Model 3548 5-turn precision potentiometer with slip clutch option is priced at $16.
Thus, says Bourns, it is well prepared to meet an industry trend it predicts: in the next two years (according to Bourns), "over 50% of all potentiometer requirements will be surface mount.
The CAT5270 and CAT5271 digitally programmable potentiometers are supplied in 14-lead TSSOP and 10-lead MSOP packages, respectively.
H-1201 Guitar Potentiometer Design Kit - Standard Models including Model PDA241-SRT, Model PDA241-HRT and Model PDB241-GTR guitar pots
The ON Semiconductor CAT5171 and CAT5172 are single-channel, digitally programmable linear taper potentiometers featuring 256-position resolution.
With their support of the wide operating voltages and extended temperature ranges that are common in industrial and automotive power supplies, these new digital potentiometers allow Microchip to address a broad range of applications, said Bryan J.