Positional Asphyxia

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A form of asphyxia which occurs when body position prevents adequate gas exchange, such as from upper airway obstruction or a limitation in chest wall expansion, e.g., due to steering wheel compression
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He gave her principal cause of death as blunt force trauma to the head with haemorrhage and postural asphyxia, and said contributory factors were obesity and enlargement of the heart.
A post mortem examination found that Mrs Blenkinsop died of postural asphyxia, which occurs when a person is placed in a position that prevents them from breathing.
The coroner recorded a verdict of "accidental death as a result of postural asphyxia complicated by congenital heart disease.
Mr O'Brien died of postural asphyxia after he was held down by up to five officers when trouble broke out at the christening at a hall in Wadding Street, Walworth, South East London in April 1994.