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Specifically, it will explore the use of a postmortem analysis, guidelines for developing training plans, and recommendations for delivering the training plan.
The patient was discharged from a referral hospital with this diagnosis; no postmortem analysis was conducted.
3) Postmortem analysis of schizophrenic brains has illustrated numerous changes in cellular architecture and neurotransmission specific to the DLPFC, while brain imaging studies consistently showed decreased utilization of the DLPFC during cognitive tasks in patients with schizophrenia.
FAEEs were proposed as toxic mediators of ethanol-induced cell injury in a study of postmortem analysis of tissues and organs (2).
Postmortem analysis can provide important clues when medical implants fail and suggest ways to improve the devices, but retrieving them is easier said than done.
All available leptospirosis RDTs detect anti-Leptospira IgM (5), which was not detectable in this patient's blood on the seventh day of illness, although Leptospira antigen was detected in postmortem analysis.